Recently, fulaoenhuofu coins GE and German research organization, composite material and processing technique institute (Fraunhofer IGCV) and Germany add material to make joint development of technical company Voxeljet the 3D printer that uses greatly at wind- driven generation set on the paragraph, aim to simplify the crucial part production such as the engine room of Haliade-X of aircrew of GE12MW maritime fan. Current, the development work of this 3D printer is undertaking study in Germany, France and United States, GE respect expresses, future, 3D printer will as far as possible the place that installation is standing by maritime wind electric field, the carbon of the generation in carrying cost and equipment production process with the construction of big limit is discharged. Its partner thinks, advanced 3D prints function to get on Haliade-X sea quite the large part such as cabin of wind electric machinery is printed successfully, this will conduce to the manufacturing cycle that reduces facility of wind- driven generation set, promotion manufactures efficiency, the project predicts with the 3rd quarter was started 2021, 3D printer will begin a test at next year quarter. Juan Pablo Cilia of engineer of the high design that add capable person expresses GE: This plants “ to produce a technology unprecedentedly to will overturn the manufacturing efficiency of the gender that changes equipment, if allow this technology,undertaking mainland is changed make, of will big limit improve local economy. ”Ingo Ederer of Voxeljet banquet apparitor expresses, 3D prints the market demand that can help manufacturer of wind phone equipment satisfy pressing project plan and constant growth. 3D printer is based on the adhesive eject technology of Voxeljet, can use at printing a diameter to amount to 9.5 rice, weight to exceed the mould of 60 tons cast. Voxeljet expresses, adhesive eject is a kind of process that in be similar to ink jet printer, uses, use alternative application adhesive to stick pulverous material synthetic layer. Because intellectual property is restricted, this company cannot divulge the partner will be aimed at component of what engine room to produce a pattern.

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