Ba Sifu and Vattenfall sign a contract, buy Vattenfall HollandseKust Zuid by Basifu (HKZ) wind electric field the share of 49.5% , be based on project progress, buy the price to be 300 million euro. Ba Sifu total investment is 1.6 billion euro, include Basifu to build the capital of an investment for this wind electric field among them. Should trade predict 2021 the fourth quarter is finished, but must approve via concerning a government sector. The construction of maritime wind electric field will be started in July 2021.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Chairman of executive board of directors of company of Ba Sifu Europe Dr. Bao Mule and Anna Borg of Vattenfall banquet apparitor make an appointment with ceremonial spot   in the autograph after this wind electric field builds go into operation, will become on big coastal waters, have turbine of 140 typhoons force, total installed capacity is 1.5 auspicious to cover with tiles. HKZ also will be last maritime wind electric field that commercialize completely, and do not win subsidy of any hair electrovalency case. This electric field predicts to will throw operation in the round 2023. The major electric power that HKZ place produces will supply Vattenfall to be in Dutch client. Ba Sifu is getting electric power to regard its as ownership share from this wind electric field through buying electric agreement for a long time. The base of a few production that this will make Basifu can be in Europe carries out innovation sex low discharge a technology. Base of unifinication of Ba Sifu Antwerp will greatly benefit from benefit from but second birth the sources of energy. Base of Ba Sifu Antwerp is the chemical production base with large Belgium, also be Ba Sifu group base of the 2nd big production. To Ba Sifu of base of European other production supply a plan to will depend on but second birth the sources of energy is relevant of code perfect further. This wind electric field still uses supportive Holand implementation but the cause share that second birth the sources of energy generates electricity and greenhouse gas reduce a goal. Ba Sifu has many 1500 stuff in Holand, spread all over each district to be numerous industry development, production and sale product. Chairman of executive board of directors of company of Ba Sifu Europe Dr. Bao Mule (Dr. Martin Brudermüller) express: Electric field of “ this wind will become base of unifinication of Ba Sifu Antwerp and base of other Europe production but the main source that second birth electric power supplies. This is Basifu is in but major investment of respect of facilities of second birth energy, it ensures Ba Sifu is able to obtain a large number of but electric power of second birth the sources of energy, this also is a crucial factor that we march toward climate to counteract. ”Vattenfall president holds banquet apparitor Anna Borg concurrently to express: “Vattenfall and Ba Sifu goal are consistent, the greenhouse gas in reducing operation stage by stage namely is discharged. Cooperate through this, vattenfall proves again, building a partner to concern with each industry is the crucial factor that quickens European the sources of energy to cross industry transition. I am particularly proud we are trying hard for this, ensure Xiang Helan's client provides electric power of blame fossil fuel. ”The mission of company of Vattenfall of picture     is the life that is not fossil fuel in the implementation inside generation man hour. To achieve this one goal, this company is in but field of second birth energy increases investment, report of coastal waters wind is among them important one annulus. The growth strategy cornerstone of Vattenfall is to seek a partner, in order to balance the significant investment cost of prospective asset. Strong investor makes in but the investment of second birth the sources of energy and low carbon respect has economic feasibility, support the change that Vattenfall is quickened and urges energy situation thereby. Ba Sifu target realized discharge capacity of gas of the greenhouse inside limits to decrease than 2018 2030 25% , came true 2050 clean 0 discharge. The key that achieves this one goal aids force to depend on using electric power of blame fossil fuel to replace fossil fuel electric power. Ba Sifu will generate electricity to ensure with the way that buys ” what its need oneself through “ but second birth electric power. Also include to attract more common investor for the project among them, in order to facilitate more effective ground uses capital. Long-term since, ba Sifu is devoting oneself to will low discharge a technology to popularize industrial field. Since 2030, ba Sifu predicts to will realize 0 carbon to make hydrogenous technology, enable report to heat device of vapour splitting decomposition, this will promote Basifu greatly to but the demand of second birth electric power. Device of vapour splitting decomposition is having crucial effect in the production of fundamental chemical, hydrocarbon of alkene He Fang decomposes the hydrocarbon to need to waste much energy below the condition of high temperature high pressure, and electric field of coastal waters wind is offerring what what need but field of second birth energy is acting crucial role. Borg and thin Mu Le express jointly: “Vattenfall and Basifu are long-term partner all the time. The project that this both sides develops will deepen the cooperative relation between each other further, will be opposite hand in hand the influence with climate and bilateral business development active and far-reaching generation. We will continue to seek cooperative opportunity of future. ”

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