2021, shipping group was handed over manage carry on, finishing gross and hold order what 3 thumb scalar potential resides is bright beautiful report, it is good to played 945 ” of shipping group “ to plan the bureau, ictus that has good situation. According to statistic, shipping group was managed 2021 carry on one hundred and thirty billion one hundred and fifty million yuan / twenty-five million nine hundred and eighty-four thousand carring capacity ton, finishing make a boat 206 / seventeen million and eighty-one thousand carring capacity ton, hold order forty-one million nine hundred and fifty-three thousand carring capacity ton, overfulfil year target not only, and hold market share respectively 21.5% , 20.2% , 20.5% (with carring capacity ton plan) , those who rank each shipbuilding industry. Manage among them carry on contract amount broke up one time than annual plan, achieve the new record since 2008. High-end product emerges in endlessly, transition upgrades   of achievement brilliant   2021, shipping group appears via battalion production work give much dot to blossom, the favorable situation of advance side by side- do two or more things at once, product structure is optimized continuously, high-end boat ceaseless emerge in large numbers, major project goes well. Running a side, shipping group is grabbed seize market opportunity, hold to integral sale, pay attention to order quality, aggrandizement risk canal accuses, manage carry on achieve “ two boats ” comes more than 10 years new tall. —— is homebred and large 2 boats make passenger liner contract become effective, plan this year start working of second half of the year, will present the grand appearance that double boat of large passenger liner makes at the appointed time, assist the construction of catenary of entire industry of muscularity passenger liner. Boat of —— Qatar LNG100 builds a plan to approve Shanghai of settle of order of boat of LNG of 4 174 thousand stere east. This is afterwards after shipping group and combination of Qatar Petroleum Company signed boat of liquefied natural gas of oil of Qatar of “ shipping — to make project ” agreement in April 2020, this project strides ahead those who have milepost sense is important one pace. —— acumen holds container ship market to good chance, optimize client structure, aggrandizement strategy cooperates, large sheet followings sb's heels and come. Pulled France successfully early or late 2021 the batch container boat order of the tycoon of international regular ship such as Seaspan of shipping of mediterranean of Da Fei, Switzerland, Canada, signed order of 22 container ships with French Da Fei especially, total prices exceeds 15 billion yuan, order for goods of shipping of big odd pen records refresh home. Annual group accumulative total carries on boat contract amount exceeds large container 68 billion yuan, 33% what hold market share, farther tamp shipping group market is banner position. —— play rents business to be opposite boat sea advocate the action propping up of course of study, the boat in driving is rented accept the order in order to produce business of brine of the boat inside the group of fashion of union of be in harmony that prop up amount reachs 1.52 billion dollar, overfulfil annual task index. According to statistic, in the order of nearly 300 boats that shipping group annual carries on, the proportion of high grade client that comes from client of strategic client, fractionize market head, long-term cooperation is achieved 56% . Advocate build a ship model carry on to be spent centrally about 87% , boat of the high end in carrying on occupy than achieving 75.2% , long carry than achieving 0.4, achieve historical beautiful outstanding achievement. Producing a field, build efficiency to promote ceaselessly, much model high-end boat concentration consign, ahead of schedule the annual of a month that finish produces the job, boat brine business produces run mode situation to last to good. The shipbuilding austral —— Shanghai Dong Hejiang in all consign exceeds large container 10 times boat, be worth what carry was to come true to achieve container of motivation of LNG of double fuel of big advanced 23000TEU of boat project perfect receive an official, consolidated shipping group is in further exceed large container the lead position of boat market, indicating “ ship is own research and development + design + manage + build + of mode of ” of form a complete set become better day by day. Consign of group of —— large ship 5 300 thousand tons of VLCC, especially its are own the new generation of research and development is energy-saving environmental protection VLCC is finishing make a boat, showed the actual strength of VLCC dockyard and elegant demeanour. —— Shanghai east consign boat of LNG of 2 174 thousand stere, especially the 174 thousand stere that design of 2 own research and development makes delivery is large float type LNG stores enrage masked buy again (LNG—FSRU) , a big all-round LNG is added concentrate a ship, make pedigree of a clan of catenary of LNG entire industry is added again heavy implement. The 3rd generation that design of own research and development makes delivery of shipbuilding of —— Changjiang Delta VLGC of 86 thousand stere and make B of 99 thousand stere cabin exceed large ethane cargo ship (VLEC) , consolidated shipping group is in further of region of V-neck of boat of this one high-quality goods lead a position. Consign of international of —— wide boat 3 model 4 luxurious settle or live in a strange places roll a boat, the market brand force that shipping group creates promotes ceaselessly; Consign of Changjiang Delta shipbuilding foreign integrated section takes an examination of sea of a home consign of Wen Chong of date of ” of university of Zhongshan of training vessel “ , yellow Bu 1 10 thousand tons of class are maritime patrol boat, the mark is worn shipping group took an examination of boat domain to obtain another breakthrough in official division; Large ship weighs worker pay consign of Wen Chong of a big advanced civil hospital ship, yellow Bu is cargo ship of 2 conflagration car, medium the boat is settleclear 2 910RFEU refrigerate consign on the west container ship, the positive result of delivers advantage and product transition to upgrade first plentiful and substantial that revealed shipping group to develop flourishingly in the domain such as shipping of high-end special type. The shipping group “ that —— gets attention fully ” of a project, make large passenger liner realize full boat be well versed in at shipbuilding of outer on October 18, 2021 Gao Qiao, turn into new level of project of the outfit inside full boat in the round. Of the same age on December 17, realized the milepost node that surplus has inside a depressed place again, indicating the ” of “ first half that this project builds from structure and Xi outfit is comprehensive turn Duan Jin is entered inside outfit and system are complete ” of debugged area of “ deep water, the total end that faces finishing in September 2023 consign strode a key again one pace. —— shipping group holds nearly 100 large container boat order already all was brought into look board management, plant of 2 6 dockyard, leader produces key monitoring plan. Up to now, 16 boats are in production to create level, among them, make, large 24000TEU container ship was in Shanghai on December 29, 2021 base of Dong Changxing shipbuilding undock of a dock, laid a foundation for finishing first half of the year this year consign. Project of ” of ——“ green Pearl River gains revolutionary headway. By Guangzhou boat courtyard design, medium boat Guangxi builds 2 model inland-water-ways vessel of power of 50 LNG single fuel makes boat delivery and throw operation, indicate the group combines a shipping to just serve green of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to developed the strategy to obtain level sex positive result each. Administrative innovation much arrange develops simultaneously, brave the wind and waves   of   of Yong Lichao head 2021, canal of operation of strategy of business of brine of boat of shipping group aggrandizement accuses, deepen look board management, drive boat brine business to produce riding quality improvement; Produce effect of group of group company expert, ensure major project and priority discipline are carried out smoothly; Strengthen pair of mark sides to help up, promote integral shipbuilding the standard. Business of each boat brine implements spirit of conference of job of shipping group year stoutly, overcome a lot of difficulty that epidemic situation brings actively, begin preparation of technical innovation, production, essence of life deep each job such as project of beneficial management, cost and efficiency promotion, advance product transition to upgrade continuously, capture “ to carry efficiency, hurried closely production, protect the ” that make a boat nose of this one ox, serve as actively, strenuous promising, hammer and tongs high quality overfulfiled annual to manage goal of production, for shipping group “ 945 ” drive a satisfactory full point. Unforgettable 2021, of plentiful and substantial 2021. On December 24, 2021, move of shipping group headquarters is stationed in Shanghai congress to be held in Shanghai, shanghai of take root of group of comprehensive open shipping, better obedient service is major the strategy, accelerate the new journey that builds top-ranking shipping group. Go to Shanghai from Beijing, although headquarters place where troops are stationed changed, but shipping group is adamantine important directive regards a Xi Jinping's secretary-general as the canal those who manage overall situation is long-term, essential abide by won't change, the company mission that “ leads an industry ” of strategy of construction of the development, national defence that prop up, service won't change, accelerate the strategic goal that builds top-ranking shipping group to won't change, acute meaning enterprising, be brave in the volitional determination of try to be the first won't change, ” of party of surname of “ center look forward to, “ makes party newspaper state the gules gene of ” won't change. In a new year, shipping group focusing advocate line of business is industrial, extend shipping industry to develop new space ceaselessly, take on stoutly industry of the person that remove shipping industry to lead, shipping is modern duty of ” of chain length of industrial catenary “ ; Will accelerate science and technology free-standing self-improvement, hit stoutly win battle of assault fortified positions of crucial core technology, make shipping industry domain achieve ” of technical “ original place formerly hammer and tongs, when main force of force of good strategy science and technology, on new start, for our country ocean powerful nation, shipbuilding powerful nation is built, brave the wind and waves, hoist the sails Yuan Hang, show new scene, make new contribution.

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