We see a few win the bid first result: China embellish electric power: Goods of group of electric machinery of wind of project of cable of wind of 100MW of 100 kinds of Tian Dongjiang north reachs He Huarun Guangxi of project of cable of wind of 40MW of wind of Lu Shan silver the service is purchased win the bid candidate is fair show, dimensions adds up to 140MW, 31 can win the bid beforehand again, total prices 322 million yuan, monovalent 2300 yuan / Kw. (the stand-alone capacity that the requirement is 3.3MW above)   country China: Bid of project of cable of wind of large base of Inner Mongolia Ba Meng paragraph one, announcement of result of Duan Sizhong mark issues mark, size amount 800MW, distant view the sources of energy wins the bid two mark paragraph, win the bid total prices 1.88 billion yuan. Monovalent 2350 yuan / Kw (the wind- driven generation set of 3.2MW of capacity of stand-alone of furnish of requirement of invite public bidding and above (microtherm) do not exceed 122, hub height not under 95m, impeller diameter is not less than 150m) 4 months separate when   : Fan price north and south was the same as valence   basically 2021 these two projects have representative: : Of China embellish electric power is project of cable of wind of southern mountanious region, but time of invite public bidding is to will bid July, will announce August win the bid result; The 2nd: Project country China Duan Yihe of mark of large base of Ba Meng of investment Inner Mongolia 4 (each 400MW) was March invite public bidding, april open sealed tenders, belong to project of typical base of 3 Beijing University. From the point of requirement of invite public bidding, ask the stand-alone capacity that is 3.2-3.3MW asks, actual from which the result of mark person will analyse, bid type is 4-5MW type, even 6MW type. Invite public bidding of national China project had gone 4 months, before this win the bid the price is 2350 yuan / Kw; And after 4 months, hua Run the result of open sealed tenders of this batch of projects, although be project of southern mountanious region, but win the bid the price reduced 2300 yuan / Kw. In light of the information that gets from my individual, guangxi of China embellish electric power sends bid price 6 times of 100 kinds of projects all valence is 2392 yuan / Kw, hind low 31 heavy can (should be with electricenergy production weak dominant position won carry to amount to) win the bid, interesting is, this high price all did not break through 2500 yuan / Kw, the sources of energy of costly case distant view 2497 yuan / Kw, had everybody had the fan market value of a psychology to be sentenced beforehand inside this?

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Under 2500 yuan / Kw: Price of fan main engine stabilizes   basically already to be mixed from result of this open sealed tenders bid manufacturer, my individual thinks mainstream manufacturer is already right the leader price of current fan had sufficient sentence beforehand, before I believe everybody is bidding, did not attend a meeting (joking) , but the quote that happens to coincide under 2500 yuan / Kw. And in light of the price of market open sealed tenders from 5-7 month, especially the project of 3 north, win the bid eventually the price is in 2500 yuan - 2700 yuan / Kw, but when after separating 2 months, the price has been in basically firm in drop, include all along science and technology of sedate gold wind been sendinging the price bid price respect begins to become loose, in the country report is cast in reaching a few batches of northeast projects to bid, leave gave 2400-2500 yuan / the price of Kw, why? The 4-6MW model price of fan of double make a present of arrives in the beginning of the year May, the price all the way mad have diarrhoea is low go to 2000 yuan / Kw, as the straight drive model that gallops exclusively in the market - golden wind science and technology does not have method to be forced follow-up depreciating tide. Discover not hard from result of this project open sealed tenders, the price has been in stable fall, be in 2300-2500 yuan / wander between Kw (type is 4-6MW, can say much only) , everybody can pass what the result of open sealed tenders with industry close media sees, because the invite public bidding first half of the year ends basically this year, the estimation of invite public bidding of prospective second half of the year wants the end of the year, the price can rebound, still continue to fall madly? The answer is to be able to continue to drop, but firm in have fall, range is narrow. Trend of price of leader of second half of the year: Stability drops, fall a finite   we see the result of this problem first why can price of the beginning of the year fall this year! The fan 2021 can drop, what the reason depends on fan is large change mutation, from 3MW immediate change arrives 5-6MW, the capacity turns over times high, the promotion of stand-alone capacity reduced the technical limit cost of fan considerably, leader price from 3800 yuan / Kw sinking goes to 2000 yuan / Kw, fall adjacent 50% . Next, if do not have revolutionary technology to innovate (similar model is large change) , the limit cost of fan drops very hard considerably, the scope that so prospective value reduces won't be too big. Why can you continue to drop? Business of current mainframe of domestic wind report is already special and clear, 4 big civilian look forward to, 9 groups (a few days ago my article introduction passes) , the competition of the industry has entered vitrification phase. The wind resource quality of wind electric field, build a condition, electrified wire netting is received after sending a condition to decide, critical factor reachs the price in mainframe model, below so transparent competition situation, continueing to depreciate is affirmative, from at present the trend 2022 comes to a large amount of raw material look, overall affirmation under the price level 2021, so this also is the psychological chip that future continues to depreciate. Who depreciates first: Who obtained what need of   of active advantageous position settles the market is, this depreciates is not malign competition depreciates. Overall and character, the competitive market situation of wind report lead plane is very apparent still, but why I say who depreciates first, who obtains the market to compete to counterpoise actively? Because the overall condition of price market is to tend,drop, who depreciates first, who obtains order dimensions, after order dimensions comes up, purchase cost, make this metropolis be reduced accordingly, depreciate for follow-up order competition provided a basis, 3101 yuan when see the beginning of the year / the price level of canister of Kw belt tower, see present price level, know to establish the strategic eye standard of this value strategy at the outset. Of course, I am not the depreciating with unconditional support, but was not analysed from the development of wind cable industry, reducing cost is a trend, but we are in fall this basic principle is to assure function, assure quality, after all, the unripe counterfoil that quality is an enterprise this. The quality hidden trouble that grabs outfit tide had been actual 2021 in the moving process of partial wind electric field expose came out, but happening from what analyse this kind of case objectively also is normal, since grab,install, what have to prepare to assume “ to grab ” is sequential.

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