Up to 2021 end, dimensions of put into production of accumulative total of maritime wind report achieves 50.5 auspicious to cover with tiles, grow 58% considerably compared to the same period. About 0.3% what electricenergy production of electricity of current and maritime wind occupies the sources of energy to furnish, model of changeover of the sources of energy of carat Ke Sen makes clear maritime wind report to will occupy the 6%-9% that furnishs to the sources of energy 2050, offer 4, 870 to 5, 990 too the clean electric power of watt-hour. Report of maritime 2021 wind adds dimensions of put into production newly to break historical record again, annual increases put into production newly maritime wind field 84 in all 18.5 auspicious are made of baked clay, grow 177% compared to the same period. Of installation amount grow to basically come from considerably. 2021 as allowance end ends, “ of maritime wind report grabs the ” that install tide to developed further 2021. Maritime wind report adds dimensions of put into production newly to achieved 16 auspicious to cover with tiles 2021, occupy 87% what increase scope of put into production newly, and “ of implementation of with one action drives to exceed flower the target of ” . Up to 2021 end, put into production of accumulative total of maritime wind report installs machine dimensions to achieve 23.4 auspicious to cover with tiles, for market of big maritime wind cable. Although European market is in 2021 only put into production 1.8 auspicious are made of baked clay, but this area still is maintaining driving maritime wind report to invest a trend. The investment of project of maritime wind cable that Europe shared 18.7 billion dollar 2021 wins give an official, exceed its the project of maritime oil gas of 10.3 billion dollar invests. Investment of cable of maritime 2021 wind reachs 44.6 billion dollar, on the history only under the 56.4 billion dollar 2020. In addition, the United States that amounts to 2.8 billion dollar as investment commercial class sea is windward electric project VineyardWind 1 (806 million are made of baked clay) obtain a government to approve, it is important that development of report of American maritime wind was stridden again one pace. 2021 of raw material price rise considerably the pressure that field of zephyr of your fan manufacturer develops business to be faced with cost to rise, among them cupreous price rose 51% to 9, 317 dollars / ton, and rolled steel rose in price 47% to 927 dollars / ton. In addition, europe makes generate electricity under expectant wind speed the accrual of the enterprise decreases somewhat. Electricenergy production of windward field annual is German sea only 23.5 too watt-hour, relatively the 26.9 too made of baked clay nowadays 2020 fall 13% . Because natural gas is supplied,insecurity is mixed under expectant wind speed, price of European electric power rose considerably 2021. Among them, germany year all electric power price achieves 97.75 euro / million watt-hour, for 2020 3 times above of the level. Holand achieved watt-hour of 103.55 euro million, grow 236% compared to the same period.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Investment of wind report shipping strengthens   up to 2021 end, dimensions of fleet of maritime wind report is achieved 1, 078, grow 8% compared to the same period, in addition still 130 of all kinds shipping are in create level. Among them, include wind report to install report of boat, wind to carry report of zephyr of dimension mother ship carries dimension boat inside “ of maritime wind report is special ” boat held integral fleet and the body that hold order, fleet amount and hold order amount to mix 109 for 673 respectively. Cycle of order of windward report marine is in epicycle sea to got further progress 2021, boat of annual “ special ” new shipbuilding invested amount to reach 3.5 billion dollar. Among them, the quantity of lot singular number of ship of mother of dimension of use of electricity of zephyr of boat of wind report installation is again record-breaking, signed 17 wind report to install ship of mother of carry dimension of boat and 15 wind report in all 2021, grow compared to the same period respectively 21% with 150% . Through having investment to new shipbuilding, the ship-owner of traditional shipping industry is able to enter market of maritime wind cable. For example Eneti (ScorpioBulkers of ship-owner of former Monaco dry bulk cargo) boats of batch of installation of two wind report since its transition was being signed 2021. In addition, the attention that supplies catenary ” to “ green as the industry increases increasingly, appear continuously in new shipbuilding investment adopt the plan that can replace fuel and energy-saving technology. Market of shipping of report of exuberant   maritime wind is in requirement of wind report shipping to went strong further 2021. Utilization rate of boat of installation of maritime wind report is achieved year average 83% , increase 6 percent compared to the same period. Among them, those who install wet ” is grab to be driven in market “ , utilization rate of boat of installation of report of this area wind is in second half of the year was maintained from beginning to end 2021 in 90% above. To it corresponding, the hire price of boat of wind report installation appeared 2021 different rate rises. According to the report, the price of hire of boat of wind report installation of Guangdong maritime space rises 4 for a time in year times. In addition, decide European market for the lock be about to the fan hoisting ability of start working project, report of this area wind installs a boat to be able to be tightened up somewhat with supply, european market is newer boat hire price rose accordingly 2021 about 10-20% . Dimensions of put into production of electricity of maritime 2021 wind and project investment all have bright look to behave, the rapid development trend of industry of maritime wind cable is able to last. Market of shipping of maritime wind report witnessed order of many new shipbuilding and exuberant work requirement likewise appear. Look into 2022, market of maritime wind cable will continue to carry favorable development trend, dimensions of put into production of predicting accumulative total will grow 19% to cover with tiles to 60 auspicious.

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