On March 8, du Bangxuan cloth already brought grand capital with one of companies of big illicit collect equity (Advent International) reach eventually agreement, will buy company of high-powered data of Lai Er heart with 2.3 billion dollar (Laird Performance Materials) , this capital will pay from inside existing cash balance. Should trade predict will 2021 the 3rd quarter is finished, need to acquire superintendency branch approval is contented and customary clinch a deal condition. Trade this will strengthen Du Bang to be in intelligence / drive automatically the leadership position of the crucial electron material in the advanced market such as net of couplet of communication of car, 5G, artificial intelligence, content and high-powered computation, the crucial ability that enhances crucial to burgeoning electron application heat management and electromagnetism screen domain and lead product, quicken electron and electron of industrial career ministry to interrelate transition of business of science and technology is integral solution supplier. Company of Lai Er heart mixes hot managing in high-powered electromagnetism screen the domain is in lead position, offer overall high-powered product and solution, can run heat energy and protect equipment to avoid suffer electromagnetism interference. Laird has many 4300 stuff, 11 production factories are had in North America, Europe and Asia, the battalion 2020 closes for 465 million dollar. The profit margin before the wool interest rate that Laird carries a tall digit increase rate, outstanding from beginning to end and classics adjust amortize of interest duty depreciation (it is respectively about 50% and 30% ) . Depend on driving growth and outstanding financial standing, the strategic goal photograph of Laird and Du Bang agrees, be about to product combination is oriented have long-term growth tendency and charming market, farther difference changes a product to combine. Du Bang carries out president to hold banquet apparitor Ed Breen concurrently to express: “ buys high-powered material of Lai Er heart is Du Bangchao is worn make innovation leader and choice only what the strategy of the conglomerate strides is important one pace. High-powered data of Lai Er heart and Du Bang electron and business of industrial career department supplement each other on the strategy, the applied project capacity that knowledge of our major of applied material science increases industry of high-powered data of Lai Er heart to precede, it is important that aggrandizement Du Bang regards main electron as original equipment manufacturer and other manufacturer the partner's actual strength. We are expecting Laird is outstanding the affiliation of the group. I believe, as layout, operation and technical capability further ground expands, the electron after incorporating and industrial group will produce conspicuous accrual synergism, drive Dubang to become to grow the company with faster, higher profit quickly further. ”Trade this to expect in filmy, soft plank and eletroplate Du Bang the technology mix of chemical domain and Laird are high-powered the electromagnetism screen of material and heat government solution are united in wedlock together. Depend on banner innovation science and technology and product combination, the career system after incorporating will become intelligence / the conductor that the advanced electron of the rapid growth market such as net of couplet of electric car, 5G, artificial intelligence, content and high-powered computation uses. Material science and the powerful capacity that use engineering field and the client group hopeful that expand ceaselessly accelerate client product significantly appear on the market speed, be in muti_function the efficiency with the new creation in the development of the solution, offer what be worth at high price to leave generation product, these products are creating more accrual synergism in the near future. Du Bang will participate in value catenary with its distinct advantage, manage in order to solve banner original equipment manufacturer in integrality of heat management, signal, miniaturization, power source and the increasingly complex challenge that dependability respect faces. Install Sho of grand capital presidentNnel Malani expresses: High-powered data of heart of “ Lai Er is an outstanding company. Undertaking to company product and talent the strategy is adjusted with investment hind, business achieved driving growth. We believe Du Bang company will become the outstanding partner of high-powered data of Lai Er heart, the career system after incorporating will be offerred for the client more distinctive, extensive, comprehensive the solution with innovation. ”

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15-18 December

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