Is Weisidasi new is those who release record-breaking what about can maritime fan V236-15.0 MW be? Feel the maritime stay away from home of vast. Blow together with us blow sea wind! Stand-alone size is large! Weisidasi rolls out 15MW maritime wind electric machinery prototype predicts to will be installed 2022, batch production plans to undertook 2024. The stand-alone vane wheel with large trade of wind energy of V236-15.0 MW market and high rated power at a suit, predict to be as high as 260 meters. 260 meters, be equal almost at building of TV station headquarters (234 meters) . Can develop imagination head to fill: Or a fan stand erect that is like CCTV building high is maritime, can be what kind grand. Prototype installed impeller of stand-alone of     ”V236-15.0 MW to sweep wind area to be as high as 43 record-breaking 2022, 000 square metre, the area is equivalent to 6 football grounds about. Stand-alone year electricenergy production is as high as 80 GWh left and right sides, enough is contented about 20, of 000 Europe family with report, can decrease at the same time 38, the carbon dioxide of 000 tons of above is discharged, be equivalent to decreasing every year from road 25, 000 cars. Compare with V174-9.5 MW photograph, this maritime fan that applies to the market but will year electricenergy production rises 65% . To the wind field of a 900 MW, this means it can reducing deploy 34 typhoons machine while will produce can rise 5% . In addition, this type still can realize remarkable partial power to generate electricity, make generate electricity the curve is more stable, according to condition of specific field location, the capacity coefficient of fan can exceed 60% even. Prototype of stage V236-15.0 MW predicts to was installed 2022, this type plans to be produced at beginning batch 2024.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City