New Atlas of the intermediary outside occupying reports, announcing build Haliade-X of giant and maritime fan after planning more than 3 years, general and electric (GE) but company of second birth energy announces, this series already was in newly with powerful archetypal machine Holand Lu Tedan begins to move, power is 14 million tile. A version of Haliade-X platform became in November 2019 cover with tiles with 12 million (the maritime and wind- driven turbine that MW) runs. The Haliade-X 13 model after upgrading was rolled out 2020, obtained model attestation in January this year, now, GE but company of second birth energy already made trade inside the turbine that moves with 14 million tile. Substantially, haliade-X 14 is to should make the same score Taichun of other turbine upgrade edition, every lamina is 107 meters long (351 feet of) , 260 meters tall (853 feet of) , this company estimates, this turbine produces the sources of energy that amounts to 74GWh every year likely. The flagship product of Haliade-X platform will be in distance England northeast coast makes an appointment with 130 kilometers (80 miles) windward electric field of sea of Dogger Bank C undertakes commerce appear, turbine of 87 typhoons force will be installed over there. In 3 phase of this project, the electricenergy production of every phase predicts to cover with tiles for 1.2 auspicious, according to the report, when when the big maritime wind on this ” electric field ” built 2026 and moving, 3 all phase can be power supply of about 6 million households. GE but the process that company of second birth energy has begun to prepare made of baked clay to 14 million model to undertake attestation now. Of course, haliade-X 14 won't be become for a long time possibly go up to be mixed greatly powerful maritime and wind- driven turbine, after Danish Vestas has tightened therewith, made of baked clay model of its V236-15.0 million (in still be being developed) will build at next year, entered batch production 2024, the 16 million of company of energy of wisdom of bright this world cover with tiles MySE 16.0-242 also will begin commerce produce 2024.

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15-18 December

New York City