Recently, weisidasi announces to already was its 115.5 meters long lamina is ready mould, this is the wind report lamina that grows at present. After blade has been made, will this year installation of second half of the year is in Weisidasi sea of stage V236-15 MW is windward on electric prototype. This mould installation is located in Denmark in company of dimension Si Dasi Nakesikefu (Nakskov) inside blade factory. Does Weisidasi plan to be in Denmark later on this year of Western Jutland? The wind report prototype that group of electric machinery of Sterild large wind tests a center to install this one 15MW. Weisidasi expresses, prototype of report of its 15MW wind always amounts to 280 meters highly, year electricenergy production is as high as 80GWh, after installation is finished, will become on tall, powerful wind cable unit. Weisidasi at was being released during the Spring Festival in Feburary 2021 stand-alone holds series of generous sea windward electric machinery at that time, its year of electricenergy production is higher than V174-9.5 MW 65% , to the wind electric field of a 900MW, this is meant can reduce 34 typhoons chance, and electricenergy production can rise 5% . Generate electricity outstandingly through offerring function, group of electric machinery of V236-15 MW maritime wind can make generate electricity the process is more stable, according to spot condition, its capacity coefficient can exceed 60% . In July 2021, the He Dreiht project of German 900MW makes the item of an unit that chooses V236-15.0 wind report. After this, the 2.1 GW Empire Wind 1 that Equinor and Bp are located in new York maritime space for its and electric field of wind of Empire Wind 2 chose this model. (origin:

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