On May 7, carry amounts to share YD110 lamina of report of large and maritime wind is in in answer get offline even numerous success. This lamina is amounted to by carry share and in answer connect numerous collaboration and become, it is the lamina of long wind report that home already got offline. In wind cable industry new competitive structure falls, linkage cooperates with downstream on catenary of wind cable industry, cooperate with division of labour the significant move that makes promotion satisfy market demand ability. In recent years, in answer the innovation that connects new material of lamina of report of numerous focusing wind, new technology and new technology and application, lamina of the report that it is wind is large change, light quantify the solution that provides a system, answer technology of wind cable industry and zoology actively to change.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
YD110 lamina is compositive and shirt-sleeve excel in is buried beforehand the Xie Gen, 2 systems that prevent thunder and pull push the technology such as carbolic board girder, use synchronous and prefab technology, promoted the dependability of blade, stability further. This lamina will by in relying on answer the Jiangsu that joins numerous operation saves design of lamina of maritime wind report and production technology key laboratory to undertake Jing Zaihe exhaustion detect. In answer connect mechanism of system of innovation of numerous will ceaseless perfect science and technology, strengthen control of quality of whole process of product complete lifecycle, advance construction of base of lamina of large wind report quickly, provide high grade product and service for the client ceaselessly. Be worth what carry is, the wind cable unit of form a complete set of this model lamina year electricenergy production can satisfy about 56 thousand family one year to use phone, reduce 56 thousand tons of carbon dioxide every year to discharge, it is the roll booster that implementation “ carbon amounts to peak carbon to neutralize ” goal.

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