Bercella and Formula Seven cooperate, through using flax fiber, seat and firewall faultlessly conformity makes an onefold part, saved a space for Formula SAE racing bicycle thereby, reduced quality. Flax fiber is material of a kind of environmental protection not only, it still is fought ultraviolet, fight concussion and anti-corrosive, can absorb vibration well, have good resistor, heat proof quality, because this suits to make seat and firewall conformity an onefold part very much, it is implementation only the quality of 1.450 Kg made contribution. The resin that uses in this application is annulus oxygen radical or makings of polyester base material. Be worth what carry is, outside dividing synthetic resin, the biology resin that uses in the light of this also is in intense development, the purpose is implementation of 100% but durative.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
AmpliTex natural fiber beforehand makings   serves as dip to offer flax fibrous supplier for this application, the group shows, its IMP 503Z-HT–AmpliTex? Natural fiber beforehand dip makings has good mechanical performance and low to environmental influence, use is accordingly extensive, admirable damping sex, fight ultraviolet gender and greater design freedom are spent, make this the perfect solution that material makes all sorts of application, mix to car, aviation from the sporting goods shipbuilding. Relevant company shows: “ our target is, will promote competition ability through optimizing a component, the engineers that are Formula SAE racing bicycle provide support, in order to make the group saves design time, use more energy at assemble and checking. Now, through be together environment and conformity of performance dominant position, we strode ahead again one pace. ”Relevant personnel sums up: Since “ is long-term, while we are providing support for team of Formula SAE racing bicycle, also go after those who promote composite material trade to be able to develop continuously more all the time. This innovates, the youth that makes cycle racing industry clever stepped their pace. The dependability that we revealed green material to go up in project level to them, hope this will drive the wide application of this kind of material in future. ”

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