Shipping industry guild held a press conference recently, the introduction shipping industry development concerned a situation 2021. Face epidemic situation to evolve continuously, raw material price rises considerably wait for complex and grim situation, shipping industry in “ 945 ” leave of the bureau year obtain high speed growth, the position of shipbuilding big country is farther firm. In 18 kinds of main boats classification, I am state-owned 10 kinds of boats receive order newly to rank. 2021, our country shipbuilding receives order finishing quantity, newly, hold order to achieve growth in the round, international market portion promotes further, ability of bibcock industry competition increases significantly. 6 shipbuilding industry enters shipbuilding to be received finishing quantity, newly order and before holding order 10 strong. Shipping group limited company index of 3 big shipbuilding is comprehensive and banner, rank each shipbuilding industry. Shipping of our country export occupies shipbuilding to receive order finishing quantity, newly respectively, those who hold order 90% the left and right sides. In the meantime, structural adjustment of shipping industry product obtains result. 2021, look forward to of our country boat continues to maintain in advantage boat model lead position, annual carries on bulk cargo boat and container ship occupy gross of new vessel order respectively 76.4% with 60.9% ; Continue to insist to be in high-end boat force of the hair on fractionize boat market, carry on chemical boat, motor transportation boat, sea is versed in auxiliary boat and multipurpose boat order press carring capacity ton plan the proportion that holds gross all exceeds 50% . Expert attending the meeting expresses, market of current international shipping appears active up posture, open of shipping industry new cycle, look forward to of our country boat seizes development opportunity, maintained add higher fast, for our country economy steady growth made positive contribution. Industry of our country shipping promotes significantly in advantage of the competition in high-end boat market, industrial catenary stabilizes development, the industry of enterprise of ” of “ chain length, bibcock enterprise drives a gender to increase ceaselessly, entire industry progress is steady in to good. Regard major equipment as industry, shipping industry is in the crucial phase that transition upgrades, change quickly of the new standard of ” of “ green, low carbon, intelligence, new technology, new product, shipping industry will be active participate in actively new revolution of round of science and technology, hold to innovation drive, complete, accurate, comprehensive implement new development concept, blend in and serve new development situation, the drive person that makes shipping industry progress hard and the person that lead.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City