The course of new-style power system that gives priority to body with new energy resources is built in compose in, place of 3 gorge group belongs to 3 gorge the sources of energy to cooperate with around “ scene, sea land is hand-in-hand ” , advance development of business of new energy resources actively, carbon of the “ that help strength amounts to peak, carbon to counteract ” target implementation. Guangdong province is located in our country south, have 4114 kilometers coasting and kilometer of four hundred and nineteen thousand three hundred square vast sea area. Be in littoral semi-tropical with South Asia tropics area of climate of marine sex monsoon, also be intertropical cyclone influence is frequent province at the same time, have resource of rich maritime wind energy. Sand of 3 gorge in relief river gathers up project of maritime wind cable is located in Guangdong to save sand of Yang Jiang city to gather up town south maritime space, plan in all 5 period, total installed capacity 1.7 million kilowatt, arrange 269 maritime and wind- driven generation set in all, the project builds 3 maritime step up to stand in all, use cable of 220 kilovolt sea to receive onshore collect to control a center. This project is home 1 billion tile of “ base of phone of class ” maritime wind, for our country maritime wind report connects a dimensions to change foretaste of development go ahead of the rest centrally. Geological condition is the difficulty that maritime wind report develops. Project innovation used a variety of construction technologies and fundamental type, among them attraction canister guides pillar of compound canister, core embeds pipe rack, Chan Zhu cliff conduit is worn, 4 picket conduit wears big diameter wait for many foundations form to all be home second use, finished the inclined picket with at present only industry of cable of domestic maritime wind to embed cliff conduit of station of maritime step up wears a foundation. In the meantime, the project achieves the record of speed of construction of telegram of domestic maritime wind for many times in building a course. Home 4 picket conduit wears big diameter fundamental   big diameter 4 rice, full-length 40 rice, gross weight 190 tons, it is groovy 4 picket conduit wears fundamental picket diameter double the left and right sides. Big diameter blame embeds cliff 4 picket conduit wears fundamental picket type, getting used to geological condition while, shorten further construction is periodic, improve construction efficiency. Home core column embeds cliff 3 picket conduit wears deep water of   of picket of fundamental steel tube to embed cliff construction difficulty big, working procedure is trival, and home does not have relevant and referenced experience. Industry of cable of domestic maritime wind the success that deep water embeds cliff conduit to wear a foundation is applied, embedded cliff to provide experience of reliable construction, skill for base of maritime wind phone. Home the attraction tube conduit that attraction canister guides pipe rack foundation installs   is worn is canister foundation technology in home second application is on large fan foundation, the tracheal overall height that wear body 63 meters, it is the 13 attraction that make an appointment with 11 meters rice, high about by 3 diameters canister and tall the 52 upside conduit of rice wear composition, gross weight is 1560 tons about, make through attraction pump canister inside and outside is formed press difference, sink in the action of pressure be linked together enters the layer that hold power. Nanhai maritime space the drum diameter of bottom of foundation of compound canister of odd column of   of compound canister foundation has Chan Zhu fully 36 meters, be equivalent to size of field of 2.5 standards basketball. Its whole structure is “ Chan Zhu + join + the whole steel structure of cylindrical shell ” , developed single stake and traditional canister form effectively through join structure the advantage of infrastructure, basically solve depth of water of maritime space of coastal waters deep water, billow big, base cliff buries depth, construction the project difficult problem with window short period. The   of station of maritime step up with the light weight below domestic coequal capacity 3 gorge Yang Jiangsha gathers up 300 million of first phase cover with tiles sea of project of maritime wind cable rises control head of a station 42 rice, 39 meters wide, top elevation, gross weight 2692 tons, it is the station of maritime step up with the light weight below domestic coequal capacity. Home the embedded conduit that embed cliff wears inclined picket the foundation is maritime station of maritime step up used   of hoisting of step up station home conduit of station of the embedded step up that embed cliff wears 4 stake inclined stake foundation, construction technology difficulty is great, bore precision demand is high. Make the dimensional distribution of road of electrical wiring of the collect inside field more equitable through optimizing a foundation, reduce the length of cable of 220 kilovolt sea of about 15% , managing construction cost. Station hoisting cost step up 9 hours to be finished smoothly only, with one action broke Nanhai record of time of hoisting of station of maritime step up.   of hoisting of station of the step up on sea of domestic monomer capacity this step up stands installed capacity 900 million are made of baked clay, upside group piece measure is 53 meters chief, 41 meters wide, 17 meters tall, gross weight exceeds 4000 tons, stand for the maritime boost with domestic monomer at present big capacity. Capacity of stand-alone of this typhoon machine is the fan hoisting   with large size of stand-alone of Nanhai maritime space 7 million are made of baked clay, its hub centre height amounts to 113 meters, impeller diameter 186 meters, the area that sweep wind exceeds 26000 square metre, be equivalent to the area of 3 football grounds, for the fan with the stand-alone at present big capacity of hoisting of success of Nanhai maritime space. The 3 gorge of new record   that create rate of domestic fan hoisting Yang Jiangsha gathers up project with sheet hoisting of construction boat only month 10 Ming Yang fan of 6.45 million made of baked clay high capacity, when stage of the 3 day, fast sheet when average sheet stage is used is used only hoisting speed of 2 days, created new record of hoisting of domestic maritime fan. According to estimation, after wind cable project builds on Yang Jianghai can offer online n every year to will amount to 4.7 billion kilowatt hour, can satisfy about 2 million contemporary families year with n, compare with the photograph of coal fired power plant of coequal dimensions, annual but managing standard coal makes an appointment with 1.5 million tons, the carbon dioxide that decrease a platoon makes an appointment with 4 million tons, the transition of structure of the sources of energy that will be area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of implementation another name for Guangdong Province provides strong support.

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