5 months are separated when, group of chemistry of west lake of tycoon of American chemical industry (Westlake) is bought with great quantity once more. On November 24, west lake chemistry announces to already came to an agreement, in order to restrain 1.2 billion dollar (shut money about 7.66 billion yuan) the price buys the United States to vast dark the epoxy resin business of the company. Trade predict to will be finished first half of the year 2022. West lake chemistry expresses, should trade will pass in its downstream coating and compound product combination increase in chloric ethylene business, will enlarge the integrated business of the company. The epoxy resin market that extends fast growth for the company brought an opportunity, include lamina of wind- driven turbine, car light quantify, aerospace and the application that consume the domain such as coating. Vast dark headquarters of epoxy resin business is located in Holand Lu Tedan, make and develop special type colophony, coating and composite material. Trade 8 production factories that include to be in Asia, Europe and United States and lab of 5 research and development. Up to 12 the middle of a month September 30, 2021, vast dark the clean sale of epoxy resin business is 1.5 billion dollar about. West lake chemistry will express on June 21, the North America that buys Boral of Australian data company with ready money of 2.15 billion dollar builds product business. Buy after finishing, will make build product branch to make the business with west lake big chemistry, occupy than will growing 37% . Basis " American chemistry and project news " announce Americanization was versed in 2021 enterprise 50 strong a list of names posted up are odd, the west lake is chemical 2020 chemical sale 7.5 billion dollar, rank 9.

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